An ICF wall after a 50 lb. TNT detonation from 10 feet away.
The Sundbergs' home, in the Pass Christian, MS, area affected by Hurricane Katrina, is shown in the yellow circle and is a prime example of the durability of concrete homes.
ICF House Stands up to 271-ton Boulder.
Car Hitting ICF House
What happens when a car going 90 mph hits an ICF house.
The water line was at 28 ft. as indicated by the red line in this photo.
This picture shows an ICF home during construction in Wisconsin that went through and F3 tornado a couple of years ago. The debris around it are from the other homes around that were completely destroyed.
During a tornado, a tree fell on this house built with ICF's, but did remarkably little damage. Adjacent homes were destroyed.
Titan Walls