Titan Walls
ICF Benefits

Benefits of ICF:

Energy Efficiency
ICF has a performace rating of R-50 making it equivilent to R50 batt insulation.  It gives you a 50-80% savings on annual heating and cooling costs while allowing for a 40% reduction in HVAC equipment tonnage.  There are also Federal Tax incentives up to $1.80/sq. ft. commercial/ $2000 each residential for energy efficient buildings. 

Quality and Comfort
ICF provides sound resistant walls with a Sound Transmission Class Rating of 53 +.  It is resistant to mold &  mildew development as well as termites and other insects.  ICF walls acts as a barrier to airborne dust, pollen and other allergens, providing superior air quality. 

Safety and Security
The steel reinforced solid poured concrete walls have a 200 mph +/- sustained wind rating providing the ultimate in hurricane and tornado protection.  The ICF walls have a UL approved 2 to 4 hour fire rating.  The fire and  wind ratings help it to qualify for greater insurance reductions

Design Flexibility
The ICF  adapts easily to any floor plan;  able to form any angle, arch or radius with no height limitations.  Building plans can easily be converted to ICF at any stage of the project.

LEED® Credits for Architects
Using the ICF contributes to LEED® green building certification.  It can earn up to 22 of the 26 points needed to qualify a building for LEED. 

Construction Advantages
ICF walls go up faster than any other type of wall construction with ¼ the construction time of conventional walls.  Lending costs are then reduced and occupancy earnings start sooner.  The 5-in-1 wall system provides wall structure, insulation, sound barrier, vapor barrier and furring in a one-step process.  ICF is dimentionally equivilent to CMU providing an easy transistion to projects with completed plans.  Because the ICFs have less waste, it also makes for a cleaner jobsite.



Code Approvals

Insulated Concrete Forms are approved
by every major building code, including  BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI, CABO and the